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Studies in the United Kingdom differ radically from learning at Polish universities: from the date of
application and requirements for studies, through the recruitment system, to the very nature of the
university, lectures and perspectives after graduating from the university in the UK. This site will help
you find out what to expect from higher education in the UK and how Polish and Polish students can

become students of British universities.
Why the University of Worcester?

The University of Worcester is a friendly university community, open to the needs of students, employees
and all residents of the region. The history of this university began just after the Second World War, when
in 1946 Worcester was founded in a fast-paced college preparing teachers for work. No wonder then that
a university whose history began in such circumstances, until now focuses on the needs of the
community. Over the years, college has been gaining a higher and higher position until it became the

university we see today.

Currently, the University can boast in the rankings the fastest growing popularity in the whole country.
Some of the reasons that distinguish it from other universities and give it more and more popularity:

• practical and professional study programs;
• high quality, inspiring education system;

• a friendly and attention-making mechanism of university services;
• high employment rates of university graduates after graduation;

• convenient location.

The university always sets high standards and standards both for its employees and for students. But he

always tries to provide the student with all necessary information that will help each student develop their
potential and meet their expectations. The university is known for its friendly atmosphere, every member
of the community feels needed and feels that it can significantly contribute to the University’s activities,
and this helps every member of the university community feel satisfied and needed.

The Quality Assurance Agency has been assessing the quality of proposed university programs for several
years in a row and always emphasizes stable and continuous improvement of service quality as a positive
aspect, considered one of the main reasons for the University’s success, its popularity and students’

satisfaction with the services provided by the university.

One of the key distinguishing features of the university is, above all, employment statistics after
graduation, as many as 92% of students find employment or continue their education at a higher level
within 6 months after graduation. These statistics are not surprising considering the various activities that
the university is trying to undertake, practical experience and the biggest advantage in the labor market.
Of course, the university offers not only help in matters related to employment, students receive support
on any issue of interest or in case of any problems, they are included in the support mechanism of the


Firstpoint – in the central campus he finds a firstpoint dealing with what his name indicates: this is the
first point to which the student should go if any questions are asked. Firstpoint employees will direct you
to the appropriate department, which can provide support to the student depending on the questions

bothering him.

Academics teachers – these are individual lecturers assigned to students who have learning difficulties.
An individual teacher will help you fill in the gaps and help you catch up with the rest of the group;
Student Services – branch, to help students in case of personal problems or financial problems, or
psychological problems. The department has trained staff who will provide necessary advice and help

students to take their first steps towards solving the problem;

Student’s Union – this is the center of the university community. It has over 40 clubs and associations,
which can be joined by every student depending on its availability and preferences, so everyone can find

something to do to spend their free time more colorfully.

Accommodation Office – here all students are asked who have any questions or problems related to stay

and accommodation;

Language Center – students help those who have difficulty with acquiring English, this help strengthens

language skills. It is also an opportunity to learn other foreign languages.

University of Worcester is a friendly community focused on the students’ needs and their well-being
community located in a cozy city with rich culture and history. It is an ideal choice for student activity

that values a sense of community.
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