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We provide comprehensive and professional translations in dozens of languages of the world.

WE OFFER: *sworn translations *written translations *specialist translation

We offer translations in English, German, Polish, Russian, Ukrainian and many others.

Our translators specialize in the fields of: *law *medical *business *economic

We have extensive experience in translating texts in the fields of banking, law, financial documents, documents of the institutions of the European Union and documents of public administration institutions of other countries.

Our translations are always made with the most accurate precision and in the shortest possible time.


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Address of office

ul. Lucka 15 lok. 324  
00-842 Warsaw
E-mail: biuro@sayhello.com.pl

Customer service in Polish and Ukrainian languages:

call +48 787 307 276

Customer service in Ukrainian and Russian languages:

call +48 576 240 531

Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm