Education in the Czech Republic

Education in the Czech Republic

Education in Czech universities in the Czech language is free of charge, in particular for foreign students

of any age.

Czech Republic is on the 10th place in the world for the quality of education. Also in the Czech Republic

there are many private universities tokorye give English and American diplomas.

Advantages of Czech education:

• High level with relatively low lively minimum

• Diplomas of the Czech Republic are recognized in all countries of Europe and the CIS

• All Czech universities actively accept foreign students to study

• The cost of education in the Czech Republic is not higher than the cost of education in the

countries of Eastern Europe, and in some cases – lower.

• Education in the Czech language in all state universities is free, including for citizens of foreign

Our team offers you:

• Assistance in the preparation of documents required for admission
• Consultation and collection of documents for obtaining a visa
• Transfer from the place of arrival to the place of residence, help in settling

• Help with travel documents
• Opening a bank account

• Assistance in interaction with official structures and much more.
• Assistance to the curator in the course of the entire training period.

• Full adaptation program in the country.