SayHello Chiny (EN)

SayHello China


If you are an open person, you like to meet new people and explore new countries and you are ready for a life challenge? Then SayHello China is for you.
Our school offers 1-year trips to China for English teachers aged 21-55.
Our partner school assures full support for teachers. They will help you to adapt to your new local life in China. Our partner school will provide you with guides that will help you to prepare for the coming months for a variety of issues related to your stay in the country.
The school fully assures accommodation and lodging. The school also provides health care and medical insurance, helps to set up a bank account.
An additional advantage is a free Chinese course.

Higher position – higher earnings

Teachers conduct 5 classes a day. They also have the ability to conduct private lessons. What also affects the final pay.
The person will be required to pay for their own flight. 

Monthly salary is $ 1000 – $ 1500. It depends on the position taken, as well as the number of private lessons.


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Address of office

ul. Lucka 15 lok. 324  
00-842 Warsaw

call +48 787 307 276

call +48 576 240 531

(customer service in Ukrainian and Russian languages)
Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm