Preparation courses

Preparation courses


Courses are designed for comprehensive training of applicants wishing to enroll in state universities of Poland. The classes will allow you to quickly master and understand the basics of the Polish language, deepen your knowledge and teach you specific language nessescary for entering any for any type of studies.

Hours per week: 20 hours.
Lesson duration: 9:30 – 12:45 (with a 15-minute break, with free coffee or tea)
Days of classes: Monday – Friday
Number of people in a group: maximum 10, usually 3-4 people
Levels of progress: from A0 to C2

– During the course special attention is paid to communication – you will start to use new language, already at one of the first lessons
– Grammar is always used in the context of communication, in an understandable and accessible form.
– Frequent repetitions motivate to work regularly and thus allows you to get to know with a larger amount of material.
– The friendly and relaxed atmosphere of the lesson allows you to very quickly overcome the barriers in the use of your chosen language.
– The course ends with test and obtaining certificates
– Much attention is paid to the development of the correct accent

Dates of arrival on monthly courses

Course fee: 250 EUR

І arrival :             01.07  –  26.07

ІІ arrival:            05.08  –  30.08

ІІІ arrival:           02.09  –  27.09

Dates of arrival on the two-month

                                                                                              Course fee: 500 EUR

І arrival :             01.07  –  30.08

ІІ arrival:            05.08  –  27.09


Accommodation in a student dormitory.



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