Language camp

Language camp

??The course includes 40 hours??

Our school is offering the language camps that our school holds. Our course will allow you to learn the basics of the Polish language and to master it.
It is an ideal solution for people who would like to are prepare themselfs to study in Poland, or which need Polish for professional and private purposes, or simply want to speak Polish.

?Summer intensive courses include:

⏰ 4 hours classes per day (this is enough time to get to know the basic of the language, and then master it).
accommodation and meals, not far from the place of the course (we offer you accommodation in the very heart of Warsaw, this means that you can always be at the center of all the main events of the city, which is undoubtedly a big plus.
Meals (breakfast and dinner)❗

We provide excellent conditions for you that you can feel cozy and comfortable in the capital of Poland.

?‍? a personal guardian for each group of students (you are given a personal guardian who will help you. He will show how to use public transport, where to buy tickets, where to eat, what sights are in Warsaw. If you have any questions or problems – You can always ask him).

?‍? experienced teachers (our school is cooperating only with experienced teachers who have many years of practice, including working abroad. They are having individual approach to each of the students, and they can find a common language with eachof them).

training in small groups (this is a big plus of our school, beacuse a teacher can find the time for every student – a small number of people in the group makes it possible for teacher to focus at each of the students.You can always turn to him if you have any problem. Your teacher will always find the time for you);

cultural program (includes: visits to museums in Warsaw, monuments, trips to various interesting places of the city)

♥ Cost in 2 weeks: 450 EUR ♥

?‍?01.07 – 12.07
?‍?15.07 – 26.07
?‍?29.07 – 09.08
?‍?12.08 – 23.08

Meals (breakfast, lunch and dinner) – surcharge 70 EUR



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