English in Malta for adult


Program: Language courses for adult

Country: Mellieha, Malta

Language of instruction: English

Accommodation: apartments, host family, hotel

Duration of the course: from 1 week

Pricefrom 255 €


Our partner school is a prestigious school in Malta that has existed for many years

accepts students from around the world. An educational institution is known for many awards, including

“Quality Mark” deserves special attention. This prize has been awarded to the school for such aspects,

as a qualification of teaching staff, material equipment and technical facilities, and

versatility of training programs.

The language school is located in the wonderful city of Mellieha (Mellieħa). Educational infrastructure

The institution is well developed and includes spacious auditoriums, cafeterias and a wireless network

Internet. In addition to standard studies abroad, the school offers a wide selection of non-class

actions. These include interesting trips, cultural and social recreation as well

sport events. Malta (Malta) is a country that is great for learning

foreign language and unforgettable holidays.


13 + 15 =

Address of office

ul. Lucka 15 lok. 324  
00-842 Warsaw
E-mail: biuro@sayhello.com.pl

call +48 787 307 276

call +48 576 240 531 

Working Hours: Monday – Friday, 8am – 6pm