Annual Course

Annual Polish Course


The language school in Warsaw gives you the opportunity to get familiar with the life in Poland, the way it really is! Our school will allow you to combine study with rest in a big city. Whatever education option you choose you can be sure that a language school in Poland guarantees a high level of teaching and individual attention for students from the first to the last day of classes. Studying abroad is a unique opportunity to gain valuable experience, learn a foreign language and make useful contacts from different countries. Visit the most beautiful cities and become a citizen of the world! The programs are suitable for students of any age and with different goals to achieve. Doesnt matter if you want to increase in the level of a foreign language or to admission to graduate school abroad. With our school you canachive any of this goals.

? Number of classes: 270 classes

     Number of people in the group: 1-10 people

    Days of classes: Monday- Friday

    Levels of progress: from A1 to C2

    Price: 800 Euro


? Number of classes: 375 classes

     Number of people in the group: 1-10 people

    Days of classes: Monday- Friday

    Levels of progress: from A1 to C2

    Price: 1225 Euro


?  Number of classes: 750 classes

     Number of people in the group: 1-10 people

     Days of classes: Monday- Friday

     Levels of progress: from A1 to C2

    Price: 2500 Euro

What you are going to study:

The course program includes the study of grammar and vocabulary of the Polish language, lessons on the development of spoken language, reading and listening, as well as the development of communication skills. Students participate in their chosen classes in history, literature, cinema, knowledge of modern Polish society and other practical classes. Courses are taught by experienced teachers at all levels of learning.
The best way to learn polish is of course to learn in Poland. It allows you to get into the language environment and adapt yourself in the Polish enviroment. You will memorize, even without noticing , many Polish words in public transport, in stores, etc. Everyone can choose from which level to start learning Polish.

The easiest and cheapest way to come to Europe for permanent residence is language courses in Poland.

 Students of language courses receive a national visa during their studies.

 You can immediately apply for a stay card (temporary residence permit)

 You can choose a schedule that allows you to combine work and study

 A national visa allows you to navigate the European Union

 Long courses allow you to adapt to life in Europe




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